Bible App for Windows 8: Now with Highlighting and Audio Bibles

The folks at are renowned for delivering new functionality and enhancements to the Bible apps that have made them famous. It’s no different with their Windows 8 app…

win8-bible app

The app is nothing short of rock solid…yet, recently, YouVerse Bible App for Windows 8 just got highlighting capabilities and new audio bibles. Throw audio functionality and new bible versions into the mix, and you have a substantial app update.

win8-bible app1In addition, new icons, bug fixes and enhancements are bundled in this update. The app performs better…all that techie goodness delivered in the smooth user experience of the Windows Store… a place where hundreds of apps are available for Windows 8. All apps are updated via the Windows Store, to ensure that the latest and most secure version of an app is always accessible.

So, if you tested the current app and longed for highlighting or audio bibles… they are finally and (speedily) here

Download YouVerse Bible app for Windows 8 in the Windows Store.