Microsoft investing 100M in Rio de Janeiro



The city of Beaches and Carnivals is expected to get a new tag, the technological hub. The head of the Microsoft’s bazillion division Mr. Michel Levy expressed his view against the press and stated that they are hoping to stimulate an awesome flow of knowledge among Microsoft’s research teams, local research universities, emerging IT firms and their Brazilian market. A day before the press conference Microsoft had revealed their plan for spending $100 million to build a new research center in Rio.

This research laboratory will be the first advance technology research lab in Latin America and fourth worldwide. According to the Microsoft team, Rio center will also be used for gearing up the business start-ups and help facilitate operations for Microsoft’s Bing Search Engine.

They also addressed that 15 internet start-ups will be selected every two years to get financial, technological and administrative support from Microsoft. Each selected organization will be eligible for a financial support up to $500,000.

Although the  new laboratory will not be able to get started before the end of next year, the business accelerator program is going to be operational by Q2 of 2013.

Two Samsung Windows 8 Phones Expected To Be Launched This Year

Image representing Samsung Electronics as depi...As per a report by The Verge, mega smartphone developer, Samsung is likely to launch two new Windows Phone 8 devices this year. According to the report, Samsung has submitted two new devices, running on Windows Phone 8 operating system, as a part of a court document in  the Apple – Samsung trial of their patent disputes. The Verge has leaked a snapshot showing the brief description of two devices dubbed as “Odyssey” and “Marco”.

Both the devices are expected to be launched in the fourth quarter of this year after the launch of the most anticipated phone OS, Microsoft’s Windows 8 Phone 8.  In the leaked image the device model is not visible clearly but shows the key feature of the devices. Both smartphones are powered with Qualcomm’s dual-core 1.5GHz MSM8960 Chipset. The devices are said to be more identical other that the display screen, “Odyssey” features 4.65 ” HD Super AMOLED screen, which is bigger and better than the 4.0″ WVGA Super AMOLED screen of “Macro” .

As far as the  camera, Again “Odyssey” gets a bigger 8MP Rear camera, while “Macro” got only 5MP ; the front camera are  the same with a  2MP resolution.

In the leaked image, NFC is marked on the photo of “Odyssey” device, which indicates that “Odyssey” has got an ability to send the data through Near Field Communications. NFC is one among the exciting new Windows Phone 8 features; others include  “Wallet Hub” & “Tap to Send.”

Both the devices are LTE and HSPA+ supported .. More information on these phones are expected to launch very soon, this month.