Download Update 1 for Windows 8.1 : Links and Updates to Download

Update: Please be advised. Some of these links have been blocked by Microsoft and may not work.

It seems like the world is going nuts to get their hands on Update 1 for Windows 8.1. The crew here at Premier Microsoft just can’t wait either, so without further ado, here are the updates you have to install in order to get Update 1. Of course be careful, back up what you can, but don’t panic. This update only executes some minor tweaks and is not an overhaul or full install, so your precious data should be safe. Tell us what you think.

1.  Updates to Be Installed… 

2.  Please Install the Updates for your system in this ORDER. It will only work following this order.

  1. KB2919442
  2. KB2939087
  3. KB2932046
  4. KB2919355
  5. KB2938439
  6. KB2937592

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How to Fix Windows Update Errors 800b0001, 80072f8f, 80072ee2, 8024800a

Difficulty: Moderately Easy       Time: Little

How to Fix Windows Update Update Errors

In this tutorial, we will help you overcome the code errors sometimes found in Windows Update. These are the most common. So, to start, let’s examine what they mean.

  • Error Code 800b0001 ——- Windows Update could not search for new updates
  • Error Code 66A ———– Corrupted .NET files when installing .NET Framework Updates
  • Error Code 80072f8f —– System cannot find the file specified
  • Error Code 80072ee2 —- Unusual high number of request updates, wait 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Error Code 80072efd—  If you have HotSpot Shield or other IP proxy connectros, turn them off.

Solution 1) Run the “Fix It” Troubleshooter for Windows Update




Solution  2)    Force Start Windows Update Service

If Windows Update is already running, simply open Task Manager by Right Clicking the Task Bar and select Start Task Manager.


In the Processes tab, please select the Show Processes from all Users


Now find “winauclt.exe”,  Right-Click and select End Process. Alternatively, End Process Tree.



Now Hit WINDOWS Key + R on the keyboard , Type “winauclt.exe” ). Hit OK to start Windows Update again.



Solution 3) Force Start Background Intelligence Services ( BITS )

Next, we want to pause BITS.  Open Task Manager like usual.


In the Services tab,  find Background Intelligence Services ( BITS )



Now Right-Click and select Stop Service



Finally RESTART your computer.


Solution 4) Download the System Update Readiness Tool

Finally, Download this tool to fix Windows Update.


Select the Download for your computer ( Windows 7, Windows Vista)

Make sure the download is x64 if your computer is x64. The same goes for x32.

How to tell if my computer is x64

How to Add a Folder to the Start Menu

Difficulty: Moderately Easy       Time: Little

Adding a Folder to the Start Menu

1. First step is to click and open the folder you are going to add.



2. Inside the folder, select View , then Go To. and select  Go Up One Level. NOTE (  If you cannot see the View command, then follow the steps for Enabling the Menu Bar in a Folder or Window. )


You should now see this:




3.   Make sure to first click the folder, so that it is highlighted— it is marked in blue.


4. Now here is the tricky part. Move the folder into the Start Orbimage and wait a moment.

After a few seconds, the Start Menu should appear.  Simply drag the folder and drop.




Now here is the result.  Congrats the folder is at the Start Menu.



Enabling the Menu Bar in a Folder

Difficulty: Easy        Time: Easy

Enabling the Menu Bar in a Folder

1. First thing first. Open Windows explorer. A simple way to do this is to open any folder on your Desktop. Below I have a folder that I selected. Double-click and open the folder.


2. Inside, click the Organize button. You should get a list of commands, like below.image

3. Now select the Layout command. You should get these options. Go ahead and select Menu Bar. image

4.  The Menu Bar should now appear. Good work!